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ADAPT Real Estate recognises the significant impact real estate has on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters, including Responsible Investment issues such as climate change, health and wellbeing. By incorporating ESG considerations into its investment decisions and asset strategies, ADAPT Real Estate seeks to strengthen long-term value creation, make a positive impact to the environment and to occupiers of our assets, to reduce risks and to futureproof clients’ investment returns.

promotes ESG considerations to the forefront of our investment, development and asset management roles
committed to the highest standards of business conduct
working with all parties to improve ESG credentials, standards and working practices
works to create positive environmental and social outcomes across its portfolio of assets
strives to reduce the adverse impact of its activities on the environment
priority is to deliver assets that work for our occupiers, whilst also minimising environmental impacts
works to improve the environmental performance of its assets to provide long-term cost savings, efficiencies and investment returns
aim to create vibrant and environmentally efficient spaces that impact positively on the health and wellbeing of its occupiers
ensures that ESG considerations are embedded in asset management and development services, and decision-making processes
committed to providing a transparent ESG governance process
What we are doing and / or what we intend to do
by next review
  • Directors of ADAPT Real Estate drive fully electric cars
  • Rail travel is promoted travel where possible
  • The need to physically travel to meetings is reviewed where alternatives are available and practical, such as utilising conference software such as Zoom or MS Teams
  • Ensure efficient timing of meetings and site visits to avoid multiple trips
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce waste
  • Reduce our reliance on paper and reduce office printing with an aspiration of a paper-free working practices. Work with our IT advisors to find less paper intensive file management strategies and implement to reduce overall paper and printing
  • Purchase electricity from suppliers committed to renewable energy where possible
  • Arrange for the re-use or recycling of office equipment by purchasing energy efficient equipment and promoting good housekeeping practices
  • Recycle as much waste as possible
  • Recycling equipment that is no longer of use to the company, and where possible look to circular economy uses; for example, giving away to not-for-profit organisations electronic items / furniture etc. that we no longer use
  • Actively engage with charity and notfor profit organisations in our local communities, donating money, time and expertise
ADAPT Real Estate is committed to annually reviewing the ESG policy with the next review taking place in September 2024
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